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Purple Room Decorating Ideas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The psychology of color, in its analysis and experiments, throughout the years, of how people interact and how they react to different colors, maintains that certain colors give a certain and strong impression depending on their psychological impact on people. Colors are generally divided into cold, warm and neutral colors. Knowing about this classification helps a lot when choosing what colors to use in painting .Purple is a tricky color; it has a positive psychological impact because it induces happiness in children. It is wisely used in children and teenagers bedrooms as well as playgrounds. By contrast, it can induce sadness in elderly people.

Today I present to purple lovers a collection of different decoration to use in every corner of the house; the ideas are convenient and the taste is widely appealing. First, latest trends in bathroom decoration. Even kitchens have their share in the use of this unique color. Why not, since kitchens are places where spend a great deal of time .Purple color can be used with different styles, whether modern or classic. You can find it enough to use some furniture in one of the corners in your room. You can use shades of purple color to paint the walls. You can use some complementing items to add purple color touches to the room such as wall decorations and special drapery.If we use it for paints, you should use light shades of purple. As for bedrooms, however, it’s preferable to use simple decorative touches so that you don’t get bored of the purple paint or furniture.

Choose simple items only among the elements available to you. Accessories are very important because of the special elegance and style they add to the place. Some are used as main while others are used as secondary items like antiques and wall accessories. One of the latest fashion tips is to use color lighting which fills the air with a purple hue.

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